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To encourage the widest degree of photographic interest, Best Shots is inviting submissions in ten different categories, including a free-to-enter section for young photographers. Regardless as to your experience, style or specialization, we hope that the following descriptions will inspire you to enter some of your best shots into Best Shots 2013.

Landscape © Ady Kerry


Best Shots is looking for refreshing and eye-catching images of the great outdoors – and even the not so great. From exposed mountain tops to residential streets, any photograph taken outside qualifies. Rural and urban scenes will be considered; taken day or night, with or without people.

Landscape © Mike Maloney


People (and faces in particular) often feature in some of the most captivating and memorable photographs. As well as technical competence, our judges seek images that capture the essence of the person; some subtle tell-tale signs of their thoughts, background or character.

Still Life © Matt Case

Still Life

An opportunity for those with a true eye for detail, Still Life is a challenging and exacting category. There are no restrictions on subject matter, other than the fact that it must be an original take on an inanimate object or setting.

Food & Drink © Steven Braker

Food & Drink

Photographs of food in all its guises are acceptable, be it cooked or raw; being prepared in the kitchen; served piping hot on the plate, or still growing in the ground. All images featuring some sort of food or drink as the central subject will qualify.

Sport © Ady Kerry


It doesn’t have to make the back page of a newspaper or feature a team from the Premier League to qualify. It’s the taking part that counts, and the judges are interested in images depicting the joys and disappointments of any sporting endeavour, from acrobatics to wellie throwing; professional sport or amateur - you decide.

Photo Art © Linda Wride

Photo Art

This category is aimed at the conceptual photographer whose strengths lie in the artistry behind a composition, and, of course, the idea behind the image itself. There are no restrictions on content and the judges will be looking for imaginative interpretations of any chosen subject.

Travel © Steven Wride


Arguably the most exotic of our categories, and also, potentially, the most controversial or political, the judges will be intrigued to see photographs that reveal aspects of the world at large. From holiday snaps to documentary images, all will be looked at as long as it’s taken away from home.

Animal Life © Steven Braker

Animal Life

No safaris needed, unless of course big game is your passion, for the judges will accept images of all creatures within the animal kingdom, including those best found at home. Pets make great subjects for striking or amusing photographs (one of the dogs we've featured on our site belongs to our Chair of Judges!).

Phone Photos © Allen Brindle

Phone Photos

‘Phoneography’ is redefining how we record the world around us in ‘real’ time and if spontaneity makes for good photography, then our judges will be watching for those unique surprise images caught in passing with only a mobile phone to hand to capture the moment. The choice of subject-matter rests with the photographer, but it must be taken on a phone or tablet.

Young Snappers © Rob Clipsham

Young Snappers

A free-to-enter category for anyone aged 12 or under who enjoys taking photographs. This is a completely open entry category, so photos on any subject are fair game. However, Young Snappers have only got one shot to impress the judges, so make it a good one! The ten winning photographers that the judges select from this section will each win a GE X550 bridge camera.

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From Joe Cornish, Chair of Judges

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